No Brown Smarties For Van Halen

Diamond Dave

-Legend has it that Van Halen/David Lee Roth ordered Smarties backstage of all their gigs. But, the organizers of the gig were asked to weed out any brown Smarties from the bowl. Now that sounds particularly “diva stupid” but actually it was a strike of genius. If the organisers did not take that simple request seriously they could have had the same attitude conserning something more dangerous, like the stage construction or the lighting rigs.
-If you have a good look at your watch, chanses are you will find scratches or dents on the underside of the lugs. In the worst case on top of the lugs. The lugs get scratched if you drag the spring bar against the unprotected lug while fitting the strap. To protect the lug and do the job correctly takes about 30 seconds longer and you need a person who “knows his onions” to do it. Most shops or even watch factories don’t seem to have that person.
-It’s under the lug so it’s not visible… and brown Smarties taste the same as the blue and the red ones. But, it might be a sign that somebody is not taking your gig seriously.

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