About Marco

My old man was a watchmaker. I pretty much grew up in a watch- and jewelry shop in Finland.
When, at twenty-one I took my first clock apart, in watchmaking school, I was dead sure that thing was never going to work again.
The final year of watchmaking school, I was elected “the best student” of the course. Something to do with speaking English and not being a complete asshole. The spoils of that was being sent to Switzerland for three weeks as a guest of the Swatch Group, visiting and getting training in their factories.
After watchmaking school I ran one of my parent’s shops in Helsinki. I was mainly restoring clocks for those four years. When I started to miss watches and was afraid I would lose my touch, I took my family to Switzerland and did a course in WOSTEP.
I found a job in Omega and started in their fabulous, newly restored after-sales service, in 1996. I got the chance to work on all the different chronograph movements they have used, all the pre-ETA Omega movements and did some restoration work on their old pocket watches.
In 1998 we moved to Le Locle and I got to learn more complicated watchmaking with Christophe Claret. I did mainly minute repeaters for Ulysse-Nardin. I have worked on roughly two hundred of those, over the years.
The new millennium saw me entering the fast expanding universe of Ulysse-Nardin. During my six years in the company we grew from thirty employees to some three hundred. I was working on striking watches, tourbillons, astronomical watches, QP:s and the traditional board chronometers as a coach for the workshop of complications.
In 2006 i started my own workshop assembling and servicing watches for: Ulysse Nardin, Richard Mille, Franck Muller, Daniel Roth, Girard Perregaux, Bovet, Bulgari, MB&F, Maîtres du Temps, Patek Philippe, Christophe Claret, Audemars Piguet, Jean Dunand, Jeanrichard etc.


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